July 17, 2009 – New York, The Group Entertainment and MultiVisionnaire Pictures are proud to announce the US Theatrical Premiere of ‘Off Jackson Avenues‘ at The Quad Cinema in New York City (Downtown Manhatten) located at The Quad Cinema, 34 West 13th Street, New York, NY 10011, 212.255.8800). The one week engagement of ‘Off Jackson Avenues’ is July 17 through July 23, and future theatrical releases in other US cities to be announced.

Off Jackson Avenue (Crime Action / 80 min.) (trailer) is an interwoven crime story set in New York City involving a Mexican woman (Jessica Pimentel) who has been tricked into sex-slavery by an Albanian pimp (Stivi Paskoski) and must find a way to break out; a Japanese hit man (Jun Suenaga) who is in town to do a job for the Chinese mob and must finish his assignment despite the fact that he is haunted by his recently-dead mother’s ghost; and a local car-thief (John-Luke Montias) who must go on one last stealing spree to raise enough money to buy a tire store and go legit. A smack-bang tale of ambition, survival and fate, ‘Off Jackson Avenue’ reminds us that there are still some parts of New York City that you won’t find on any map.” Written & Directed by John-Luke Montais.

– 30 –

MultiVisionnaire Found MR. RIGHT

Los Angeles, USA – May 9, 2009 — Los Angeles based international sales and distribution boutique, MultiVisionnaire Pictures, is pleased to announce the acquisition of the British Rom-Com “MR. RIGHT” ahead of Cannes. MultiVisionnaire will be handling world sales for the film.

By first time female director, Jacqui Morris, this romantic comedy takes place in SoHo London, it’s a story about a woman who thought she’d met the man of her dreams. But it all goes curiously wrong when she introduced him to her gay friends…In a modern world where straight men are waking up to the fact that gay people are the gate-keepers of the cool in-set, MR. RIGHT gives a crash course on understanding how their clique works.

Starring an all-Brit cast including up-and-coming James Lance, Benjamin Hart and Jeremy Edwards; MR. RIGHT is a fun metrosexual gay themed film for straight audiences – especially for curious women intrigued by men and their vulnerabilities will find MR. RIGHT a great cinematic experience.

Multivisionnaire is part of the Marche du Film from May 13 to May 21, market booth is located in the Palais 01, 20.04A.

Other Cannes’ world premieres in MultiVisionnaire’s lineup including: The Australia’s erotic controversial punk rock film independent film THE BAND (Market Screening, May 16 at 11:30hr, Palais D), US genre film starring Bill Moseley, DEAD AIR (Market Screening, May 18 at 11:30hr, Palais D), and other market premieres BORN OF EARTH (Starring: Brad Durif, James Russo, and Daniel Baldwin), TERROR INSIDE (Starring: Corey Feldman), independent crime-action film OFF JACKSON AVENUE, and UK Sci-fi/Action SCHRODINGER’S GIRL.

– 30 –

The Dark Lurking – Screening at Berlinale/EFM 2009 (Feb. 7 at 7pm)

The Dark Lurking – screening at EFM during the film market for buyers. Screening information: February 7 at 19:00hr (7:00pm)at CinemaxX 17. This is the first time The Dark Lurking is screening as a completed film.

The Dark Lurking

The Dark Lurking
Sci-fi / Action / Creature / 96 minutes / 2009
Synopsis: 800 meters beneath the Earth’s surface, research station 320 has gone offline. Now hundreds of ravenous and constantly mutating creatures with a taste for human flesh have been let loose. 8 survivors must battle the deadly horde but one of their own is not who they seem. Director by: Greg Connors

Trailer Link Here

Buyer interested in learning about availability of The Dark Lurking should contact Sean or Erika at their EFM market booth located in Marriott at Stand #123 (First Floor). Multivisionnaire is at EFM from Feb 5 to Feb 12.

John Saxon & Micheal Worth drop by MultiVisionnaire’s suite at AFM to meet buyers

During the 2008 AFM, the legendary John Saxon (Enter The Dragon) and director Michael Worth (Acapulco HEAT, Sasquatch Mountain) drop by the MultiVisionnaire suite during the market. Both stars came by to support their most recent film together, God’s Ears. Several buyers had a first time chance to meet the stars and learn more about the inspriational film tackling Autism.

God’s Ear is a triumphant story about a boxer with a tireless opponent: Autism. When he meets a dancer named Alexia, he discovers another battle: Love. The two will soon discover the greatest fight is not of the body but of the heart. Trailer

MultiVisionnaire, God's Ears (John Saxon & Michael Worth)

(L-to-R: Erika Kao & Sean Haley (MultiVisionnaire), John Saxon, and Michael Worth)

MultiVisionnaire annouces new acquition for 2008 AFM market premiere

Certifiably Jonathan - Comedy
God's Ears - Romance Drama
AIR: The Musical
Evilution - SciFi Action
Minty The Assassin - Fantasy Superhero Action
Squeal - creature horror
MultiVisionnaire Pictures proudly announces the acquisition of the following motion pictures for the 2008 AFM. These new motion pictures are all market premiere and are ready for buyers looking for high quality commercial products — all available in HD format.During AFM, MultiVisionnaire will meet with buyers at our office in LeMerigot, Suite #321 (3rd floor).

  • Certifiably Jonathan (USA / 79 min / Comedy Drama) –Starring many iconic stars in the comedy world: Jonathan Winters, Robin Williams, Jeffrey Tambor, Ryan Stiles, Sarah Silverman, Rob Reiner, Gary Owens, Howie Mandel, Robert Klein, Jim Carrey, Tim Conway, Rossanna Arquette, Patricia Arquette, and David Arquette.Comic legend and artist, Jonathan Winters, thinks he’s lost his sense of humor and can’t finish the new paintings for his big art exhibition. Everyone from Robin Williams to Sarah Silverman show up to help him get his mojo back. (See trailer and more info here)
  • God’s Ears (USA / 110 min / Romance Drama) –A triumphant story about Noah Connely, a boxer with a tireless opponent: Autism. When he meets Alexia, he discovers another battle: Love. The two soon discover the greatest fight is not of the body, but of the heart.God’s Ears is written, directed and acted by Michael Worth, co-starring award winning John Saxon, Margot Farley (Cloverfield), and Mitzi Kapture (BayWatch) . (See trailer and more info here)
  • AIR: The Musical (USA / 100 min / Musical) –Following the success of Mama Mia! and High School Musical, this independent gem interweaves three love stories featuring all original songs from a variety of genres. Shot originally in 35mm. Presents a wonderful opportunity for musical fans worldwide. (See trailer and more info here)
  • Evilution (USA / 92 min / SciFi Action) – Created by the co-producer of SciFi hits – Dog Soldiers, SleepStalkers, and Cemetery Gates, once again, Brian Patrick O’Toole created another SciFi action starring James Duval, Guillermo Díaz and Eric Billy-Kaiser.US Army has discovered a microscopic alien form in order to resurrect dead soldiers on the battlefield. The scientist stole the last specimen for experiments and the alien life form is set loose and turns the residence into the walking dead. (See trailer and more info here)
  • Minty The Assassin (USA / 78 min / Fantasy Action) –A superhero film with elements that will please all comic fanboys worldwide – martial art, comic villains and 5e-xy action heroines — what more can you ask for?Mindy, the comic book super heroine comes to live to save her mentor before he is blown to bits by her obsessive fanboy – Dr. Brain Bender. She must face-off with comic book villains such as 5e-xy vampire, crazy ninja, and freaky mutants. (See trailer and more info here)

Last but not least ~ genre buyers won’t be disappointed by the creature horror film.

  • Squeal (USA / 79 min / Creature Horror)–An indie rock band stranded on a country road and captured by mutant half-pig half-humans, and held captive in a barn. The remaining band members attempt breaks-out, but to their demise the mutants have more surprises in store for them. (See trailer and more info here)


U.S. Theatrical Premiere of “The Pink Conspiracy” Sept. 19, 2008

September 5, 2008 – Los Angeles, Cinema Epoch and MultiVisionnaire Pictures are proud to announce the US Theatrical Premiere of “The Pink Conspiracy” at the Downtown LA theatre Laemmle Grande 4-plex (345 S. Figueroa St., Downtown LA, Ca 90071. 213-617-0268). One week engagemenet of The Pink Conspiracy is September 19 to 25. Theatrical release in other US cities to be announced. One Week Engagement in Los Angeles (September 19 to 25) The Pink Cospiracy (Romantic Comedy / 97 min.) Directed by Brian Scott Miller & Marc Clebanoff.

Starring: Mercedes McNab (TV Series: Angel & Buffy – XII, Medium Raw), Sarah Thompson (TV Series: 7th Heaven, Angel, Boston Public – Malibu’s Most Wanted), Tommy ‘Tiny’ Lister (The Fifth Element, Jackie Brown, Little Nicky), James Russo (Beverly Hills Cop, Donnie Brasco), Chad Everett (Mulholand Dr., Airplane II: The Sequal, Psycho), Bradley Snedeker, and Frank Krueger.

Story is about Unlucky in love Dave uncovers a plot by all the women in his life to drive him to insanity. Dave is convinced that his knockout girlfriend Jamie is cheating on him, despite his best friend Victoria’s reassurance that it’s all in his head. When his life begins to unravel, both at work as well as in his relationship, Dave’s suspicions overwhelm him and he stumbles upon a discovery that turns his world upside down. After following Jamie to a “study group” one night, Dave is shocked to learn that his girlfriend is the leader of a conspiratorial group of ex-girlfriends – N.U.T.R.D. – ‘Nutbusters United to Ruin Dave’, whose sole purpose is to torment him and ruin his life.Following the discovery, Dave finds himself tumbling through a series of adventures as he attempts to unveil the truth, all while getting his life back on track. With the guidance of several questionable male comrades, including a pseudo mobster, a dysfunctional therapist, a former womanizer and a swaggering macho playboy, and the help of the conspirators’ alluring new but reluctant recruit Katie, Dave ultimately pieces the puzzle together and finds out the hard way that sometimes true love is worth fighting for. ‘The Pink Conspiracy’ is a fast moving, character driven original dark comedy based on the successful short film ‘Conspiracy’, written and directed by Marc Clebanoff.The Pink Conspriacy won the Best Screenplay & Best Feature Film at the Hoboken International Film Festival (Premier), and Alan J. Bailey Awards of Excellence at the 2007 Action On Film Festival – Long Beach.The Pink Conspriacy won the Best Screenplay & Best Feature Film at the Hoboken International Film Festival (Premier), and Alan J. Bailey Awards of Excellence at the 2007 Action On Film Festival – Long Beach.- 30 –

The Pink Conspriacy won the Best Screenplay & Best Feature Film at the Hoboken International Film Festival (Premier), and Alan J. Bailey Awards of Excellence at the 2007 Action On Film Festival – Long Beach.- 30 -Filmmakers Brian Scott Miller & Marc Clebanoff and cast members will be in attendance for the film’s opening night screening Friday, September 19. After party to follow.

Friday, September 19th: 5:30, 7:50, & 10:15


Sat & Sun (Sept 20 & 21): 1:00, 3:15, 5:30, 7:50 & 10:15 


Mon-Thu: (Sept 22 to Sept 25): 5:30 & 7:50 

Distributor: Cinema Epoch, MultiVisionnaire Pictures



U.S. Theatrical Premiere Of “ASIAN STORIES” July 25, 2008

July 14, 2008 – Los Angeles, Cinema Epoch and MultiVisionnaire Pictures are proud to announce the US Theatrical Premiere of “Asian Stories” at the Downtown LA theatre ImaginAsian Center (251 S. Main Street, LA, Ca 90012. 213-617-1033)).One week engagemenet of Asian Stores is July 25 to 31. Theatrical release in other US cities to be announced. One Week Engagement in Los Angeles (July 25-31) Asian Stories (Romantic Comedy / 98 min.) directed by Ron Oda & Kris Chin. Starring James Kyson Lee, Kathy Uyen, Kirt Kishita, and Lauren Mary Kim.Story is about Jim (James Kyson Lee) a young closefisted Chinese American living in LA who desperately finds himself with a stack of white flower themed disposable cameras, fleur-de-lis invitations, a number of champagne bottles, and a ten-thousand dollar engagement ring bill. The only thing missing is a bride. In financial debt and miserable for having his fiancé leave two weeks prior to Valentine’s day, Jim tries to resurface his dignity and wash away his wretchedness by asking his best friend, a Japanese hitman (Kirt Kishita) whose passion for cooking fancy entrees extends far beyond his kitchen, to kill him just in time to miss the Hallmark holiday. With less than four days to live, Jim, while wearing his wedding tuxedo the entire time, treks to the mountains to find his fate, meet a pizza delivery boy with lucky charms, the funeral spot of his choice, and a girl (Kathy Uyen).ASIAN STORIES won the Audience Award at the VC Film Festival/Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival and has screened to sold-out audiences at other festivals in San Diego, Hawaii and Chicago.

– 30 –Filmmakers Ron Oda & Kris Chin and cast members James Kyson Lee, Kirt Kishita, and Kathy Uyen will be in attendance for the film’s opening night screening Friday, July 25. After party to follow.Screening: IMAGINASIAN CENTER, LOS ANGELES, 251 S. Main St., Los Angeles, CA 90012, 213-617-1033July 25th- 26TH: 2:45, 5:00, 7:15, 9:45

July 27th – July 30th: 2:45, 5:00, 7:15, 9:30

July 31st: 5:00, 7:15, 9:30

Cast: James Kyson Lee, Kirt Kishita, Kathy Uyen, Lauren Mary Kim
Director: Ron Oda & Kris Chin

Distributor: Cinema Epoch, MultiVisionnaire Pictures 





“Holding Trevor” to Open in U.S. Theaters July 4

Comedic Youth Drama will Debut in Select U.S. Theaters This Summer , check local listings

“Holding Trevor” is Rosser Goodman’s directorial debut.  She recently launched
Last Bastion Entertainment and is currently attached to direct the upcoming romantic thriller “MONGOOSE8,” which she also wrote.  For more information on Rosser Goodman, please visit http://www.rossergoodman.com.

Los Angeles Times ~ MOVIE REVIEW
http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/la-et-trevor4-2008jul04,0,2290418.story MOVIE TRAILER


Blood Car drives to the 2008 Edinburgh Film Festival

Blood Car (http://www.bloodcar.com) (or as they say in France “La Machine”) will make its European Premier at the 2008 Edinburgh Film Festival in Scotland as part of the “Under The Radar” program.

Director of Blood Car, Alex Orr, said, “This is awesome news! I am honored to follow in the path of groundbreaking films such as The Full Monty, Run Lola Run, Old Boy, and so many others.”

Screening dates for Blood Car to be announce, but we are assured Alex Orr will be in attendance to answer questions and make new friends across the pond.

International Sales for Blood Car are being handled by MultiVisionnaire (www.multivisionnaire.com) in Los Angeles, California, USA.

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MultiVisionnaires New Films for 2008 Cannes market

Los Angeles, California (April, 2008) — International Sales Agents, MultiVisionnaire of Los Angeles – California, is pleased to announce their Cannes Marche du Film line-up. Multivisionnaire will be at Cannes from May 14 to 23, at Palais 20.04a.

Premiere Market Screenings for Cannes:

The Dark Lurking (Sci-Fi – Action) – World Premiere/Market Screening!
Mutant creatures are unleashed when researchers made the wrong discovery. Eight survivors must be rescued from outpost beneath the earth. One survivor has a deadly surprise. (Cannes 2008 World Premier Market Screening, Palais E, May 17 at 12:00hr / May 19 at 16:00hr)

Body/Antibody (Thriller) – Cannes Premiere/Market Screening!
A shut-in clean-freak gets involved with the a dysfunctional girl. Their relationship blossoms until her crazy ex-boyfriend appears, and they plot to kill him. (Cannes 2008 Market Screening Palais E, May 15 at 14:00hr)

Cannes Premiere Titles:

The Last One (Thriller) – World Premiere! 
A doctor leaves her tragic past to visit her dying grandfather. She immediately discovers a series of deadly events, and now it’s a race against evil. World Premiere

Til Night (Thriller) – World Premiere!
Vampires terrorize a mountain town community. After suffering the loss of his wife, Sheriff Steppin fights his own demons and accepts eternal life as his salvation — as a Vampire. World Premiere

Suspension (Sci-Fi-Thriller) – World Premiere!
Father looses family in accident. His only connection to the event is a broken video camera that STOPS TIME. Now obsessed, he terrorizes a beautify woman. (Warner Home Video Release – North America) World Premiere

Blood Car (Thriller, Black Comedy) – Cannes Premiere!
Gas is $35 per gallon, nobody drives, and the government has a new conspiracy. One man dares to create an alternative fuel. Edinburgh International Film Festival. World Premiere

American Military Intelligence & You (Comedy / Satire / Historical) – Cannes Premiere!
A satirical look at the USA’s current war on terrorism, meshing together American WWII archival footage with newly shot scenes. Limited US Theatrical Release. Stars: Patrick Muldoon, Mackenzie Astin.

Black Pearl (Action – Sci-Fi) – Cannes Premiere!
With the look of this years hit ‘10,000 BC, ‘Black Pearl’ shares the story of a world ending and an evolution of two human species. Now both species must combine their power to fight the evil forces, before they’re all killed.

Holding Trevor (Drama – Gay) – Cannes Premiere!
A coming-of-age story about the 20-something generation; and how they cope with unhealthy relationships, drug addiction, friendship, and HIV. Stars: Jay Brannan (Shortbus) and his original soundtrack.

Souvenir (Drama) – Cannes Premiere!
A gallery owner inherits ancient African artifacts that are both stolen and cursed. Struggling with a moral dilemma, she embarks on an emotional roller coaster of obsession, jealousy, and rage. 
The 4th Dimension (Sci-Fi – Drama) – Cannes Premiere!
After finding Albert Einstein’s journal on his unsolved Unified Field Theory, Jack, an introverted genius, becomes obsessive in solving the complexity of time that connects with his supernatural experiences.
5 up 2 down (Drama)
Struggling with addiction in modern-day New York City, two artists take a spiritual journey of new discovery. Only to discover their reality has consequences. Stars: Isaac de Bankole, Kirk Acevedo, and Paz de la Huerta

Ladrones y Mentirosos (Thieves & Liars) (Drama)
Three families struggle to survive in government corruption, drug smuggling, and crime. Three parallel stories reveal the true corruption of Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico Theatrical, HBO, Warner Brothers Home Video. Stars: Steven Bauer, Lymari Nadal (American Gangster), and Daniel Lugo.
The Pink Conspiracy (Comedy)
Unlucky in love Dave uncovers a conspiracy by all the women in his life to drive him to insanity. He has to tumble through a series of adventures to get his life back. Ensemble Cast includes: James Russo, Sarah Thompson, Mercedes McNab, Tommy ‘Tiny’ Lister, and others.

For more information, please contact MultiVisionnaire (www.multivisionnaire.com).