Filipino Zombies Invade Cannes with the market premiere of Zombie Island

May 15, 2013 – Cannes, France – Multivisionnaire, Los Angeles-based international sales company, has acquired the international rights to Filipino horror-film “Zombie Island“. The film will premiere here at Cannes – Marche Du Film.

Romy and Pewee are two orphan street kids who make their living robbing graves, until they’re driven out of town by an angry mob. With a price on their heads, they steal a boat and flee to a deserted island, only to find themselves under siege and fighting for survival against a horde of zombie pirates.

Zombie Island tackles a subconscious human trait that we’re not immune to. GREED.” said producer Vanessa Ulgado.

Interested buyers and festival programmers are invited to come to Riviera D2 during the market from May 15 through May 22.


MultiVisionnaire Pictures is back at the Cannes Marché du Film with a bigger team and a brand new slate of high-concept films to present to international buyers. Introducing 10 market premieres and 4 world premieres, the lineup includes warm-hearted family films My Dog the Champion, and The Blue Apple Tree, to off-the-wall action wall action comedies FDR: American Badass! and Bullets & Cookies, to ever-popular genre film Zombie Island. MultiVisionnaire will also be screening the following films:

The Last Death (La Ultima Muerte) (Mexico /Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller / 2012) –Starring: Kuno Becker (Goal!), Álvaro Guerrero and Manolo Cardona. When Dr. Alexanderson finds an unconscious unidentified man outside his country cabin, he is compelled to help and bring light to the dark memory of the mystery man. “No act of kindness goes unpunished” holds true in this thriller about the dangers and larger than life conspiracy that the good doctor willingly invites in with the mysterious young man. Premiere Market Screening: May 18 at 13:30, Palais D

FDR: American Badass! (USA /Comedy / 2013) Starring: Barry Bostwick, Kevin Sorbo, Bruce McGill, Lin Shaye, Ray Wise, Ross Patterson. As one of the best presidential biopics going down in history, this kick-werewolf-ass WWII movie chronicles the adventures of FDR, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, as he rides a “Wheelchair of Death” tricked out by the CIA and Einstein with rocket launchers and machine guns to stop the world from being taken over by polio-carrying Nazi werewolves during WWII. The Axis of Lycan Evil consists of a deadly menace led by Werewolf Hitler, Mussolini and Emperor Hirohito. World Premiere Screening: May 17 at 15:30, Palais B

Live at the Foxes Den (USA /Musical Drama / 2013) Starring: Jackson Rathbone (Twilight), Jack Holmes (Chavez), Elliott Gould, Bob Gunton (Argo). Bobby Kelly is a young, hotshot corporate attorney who has it all–money, good looks, women. That is, until his life is flipped upside down after spending one whimsical night at a local lounge called “The Foxes Den.” After hearing him sing, the owner of The Foxes Den offers Bobby a job as the lounge’s new singer. It’s a dream come true, yet it’s something Bobby never could have imagined. Ultimately, Bobby is faced with the decision of whether or not to throw away all he’s worked for and chase his lifelong dream. Premiere Market Screening: May 16 at 12:00, Palais E

From May 15 to 22, MultiVisionnaire will be meeting with key international theatrical – telelvision – and DVD buyers and distributors during the market at RIVIERA, Stand D2.


MultiVisionnaire is bringing a bit of family magic to its lineup with Olegario Barrera’s The Blue Apple Tree, AKA El Manzano Azul.

This family film, shot in HD, takes us on an adventure into the countryside of the dazzling Venezuelan Andes with eleven-year-old Diego. Spending his summer with a grandfather he barely knows, in a secluded village that’s low on technology but high on kid bullies, Diego expects a summer of misery and boredom. However, when he discovers a mysterious blue apple tree and meets a young girl that he takes a strong interest in, Diego finds himself in a series of misadventures that teach him more and more about the importance of family, love, and friendship. Diego learns to live life differently and has an amazing experience that will stay with him for the rest of his life.

This film, which received a standing ovation at its premiere in the Centro de Arte de Maracaibo Lía Bermúdez and won Best Narrative Feature and an Audience Award at the 2012 Festival of Latin American Cinema, will now be traveling to Cannes’ MIPTV and Marche du Film with international sales agent MultiVisionnaire Pictures. English language dub is available. You can find more details on The Blue Apple Tree’s page here.


February 1, 2013 – Los Angeles, CA – MultiVisionnaire Pictures, a Los Angeles-based international distributor is proud to announce the acquisition of “LIVE AT THE FOXES DEN” with an ensemble cast including Jackson Rathbone (Twilight Trilogy) and Oscar-nominated Elliott Gould (Ocean’s Eleven, MASH). ”LIVE AT THE FOXES DEN” will have its world premiere screening in Berlin during the European Film Market (EFM) and Berlinale International Film Festival. MultiVisionnaire is handling the sales of the feature film for international territories outside of North America.

“LIVE AT THE FOXES DEN,” shot on 35mm film, is a musical drama about a promising young corporate lawyer, Bobby Kelly (Jackson Rothbone), who seemingly wants to throw his life and career away to become a lounge singer at The Foxes Den, a once-cool jazz lounge forgotten in time. The film marks for directorial debut of Michael Kristoff; co-written with Jack Holmes; and starring Jackson Rathbone, Elliott Gould, Bob Gunton, Brian Doyle Murray and Jocelin Donahue. Songs from Frank Sinatra, Jack Jones and others are featured in the film performed by the actors in the film; as is original music penned by, star and co-writer, Jack Holmes.

“We are thrilled to now be working with the wonderful team at Multivisionnaire Pictures to bring our film to a global audience”, said Adam Gibbs, Producer of Live At The Foxes Den
During EFM, international distributors may RSVP for the screening or find out more about “LIVE AT THE FOXES DEN” at MultiVisionnaire’s market stand #109 in the Martin-Gropius-Bau.

MultiVisionnaire is heading to Berlin for the 7th year

MultiVisionnaire Pictures proudly announces 3 brand new acquisitions for 2013 European Film Market (EFM) market premiere, and 2 world premiere screenings. The Los Angeles-based sales agent is handling the international sales of the following feature films.

“LIVE AT THE FOXES DEN” with an ensemble cast including Jackson Rathbone (Twilight Trilogy), and Oscar-nominated Elliott Gould (Ocean’s Eleven, MASH) will have its world premiere screening in Berlin. Shot on 35mm film, it is a musical drama about a promising young corporate lawyer, Bobby Kelly, who seemingly wants to throw his life and career away to become a lounge singer at The Foxes Den, a once-cool jazz lounge forgotten in time. The film marks for directorial debut of Michael Kristoff; co-written with Jack Holmes; and starring Jackson Rathbone, Elliott Gould, Bob Gunton (Argo), Brian Doyle Murray and Jocelin Donahue. Songs from Frank Sinatra, Jack Jones and others are featured in the film performed by the actors in the film; as is original music penned by, star and co-writer, Jack Holmes. (Market Screening: Sat, Feb 9th / 20:30 pm / CinemaxX 2 (35mm))

“BULLETS & COOKIES ((Balas & Bolinhos – O Ultimo Capitulo)” is the first blockbuster of Portuguese cinema with 1.4 million Euro box office during its 15 weeks run. The hilarious action comedy is about three outcasts who hustle, deceive and steal from anyone and everyone. Things go from bad to worse, even more outrageous (and more exciting) when they reunite with their leader Tone, to pursuit a briefcase filled with money. A perfect box office golden ticket for counter programming in your territory! Don’t miss the market premiere screening in Berlin. (Market Screening: Fri, Feb 8th / 12:30 pm / CinemaxX 17 (HD))

“THE LAST DEATH (La Ultima Muerte)” starring Kuno Becker (Goal! trilogy, From Prada to Nada), a $4 million futuristic thriller about the dangers and larger-than-life conspiracy attached to the man’s past that the good doctor willingly steps into. Distributed by Pentelion/Lionsgate in the US and VideoCine in Mexico.

During EFM, international distributors may RSVP for the screenings or find out more about our market lineup at MultiVisionnaire’s market stand #109 in Martin-Gropius-Bau.


October 26, 2012 – Los Angeles, CA – MultiVisionnaire Pictures, a Los Angeles-based international distributor is launching their 2012 AFM slate of titles. The dynamic lineup is a great collection of first-time seen films including “Battle Earth,” Aliens invade earth and an army recon force is our only hope; “Devoured,” a gnawing thriller about a woman being haunted by dark forces; “Malice In Wonderland – The Dolls Movie” fairy tales and fabulous freaks in this bawdy drag queen mash up; “Culture Shock,” four teenagers get their first international travel experience, but get caught-up in an international crime ring.

Omega Day has arrived,Battle Earth,” confronting extraterrestrial life for the first time isn’t always good. Aliens have invaded Earth, it’s up to a small squad of Army Special Forces to save our planet from assimilation. A young paramedic, Greg Baker, signs up to fight for his planet against the invaders. When their chopper is shot down they find themselves surrounded and outnumbered. Desperate to return to his wife’s side and haunted by nightmares, Baker finds that his role in the war has quickly become much larger than he could have ever imagined. (Canada / Action / 85 min / 2013). Director: Aaron Kurmey.

A consuming thriller,Devouredfollows an immigrant mother who leads a lonely and desperate existence working as a cleaning woman at an old New York City restaurant. With no friends or family around, her inner turmoil gets the best of her when malicious forces from the dark side start to invade her place of work. As her son’s ailment worsens, so does hers. She struggles to escape her inner demons, before the evil within the dark walls devours her. (USA / Thriller / 89 min / 2013) Director: Greg Olliver.

Have you ever wondered what could happen to Alice if she met a troop of Drag Queens? Malice in Wonderland – The Dolls Movieis the answer. This wonderful and somewhat sensual film parodies beloved classics such as: Alice in Wonderland, The Wizard of Oz, with a little Marry Poppins and Mommie Dearest sprinkled on top. “Nanny Dearest,” is hired as the new nanny for little Alice. Alice finds herself in service to the nanny’s unrelenting demands as she is subjugated to bizarre psychological and physical abuses. The last straw comes when Alice adopts a white rabbit…precocious little Alice is thrown into a psychedelic Wonderland of fractured fairy tales and fabulous freaks in this bawdy drag queen mash up that would make Lewis Carrol roll over in his grave. (USA / ComedyLGBT / 79 min / 2011)Director: Russell Maynor.

Culture Shock,” follows four American college grads who travel to London and experience a new culture for their first trip overseas. What was meant as a carefree coming-of-age summer experience becomes a colorful chase of a lifetime as they get caught up in a series of murders and an international crime ring. Culture Shock is an innovative and entertaining, tongue-in-cheek take on the crime thriller.
(USA / Action / 85 min / 2013) Director: Steve Balderson.

“We are excited about this year’s line-up for AFM. We are bringing in the tried and true Genre for AFM, but we added some over the top films to mix it up” says Sean Haley, Managing Partner at MultiVisionnaire

During the American Film Market (AFM), Multivsionnaire Pictures will be located in the Loews Hotel, Suite 869 (8th Floor) from October 31 to November 6; their sales team will be meeting with world distributors about the premier films and the other 100 plus titles in their catalogue.

Fringe Features Acquires LGBT Collection

May 18, 2012 – Los Angeles, CA – Fringe Features, the LGBT division of MultiVisionnaire Pictures is pleased to announce the acquisition of a LGBT feature film collection for worldwide distribution sales. The collection consists of “Buffering“, “Release”, “Shank”, “Luster” and “FAQS”, transcending the gay genre through storytelling and relationships, designed for the international audience from            writer-director Christian Martin and Everett Lewis.

Buffering (U.K. / Comedy) Seb and Aaron are two hip gay Brits living in London who have just maxed-out their credit cards. To get the creditors off their back, Aaron decides to secretly film and broadcast their sex life online. As their “performances” become ever more popular the physical, emotional and industry demands start to take a toll on their relationship and it doesn’t help that the barely-clothed boy-next-door keeps causing a serious distraction!

Release (U.K. / Drama)Father Jack is imprisoned for a crime that he has committed. After finding himself locked up for a serious crime, young priest Jack struggles to adapt to life in an increasingly volatile prison, replete with corrupt guards and a vulnerable cellmate. Jack’s only beam of hope comes in the form of prison guard Martin, with whom he begins a passionate but clandestine affair. Starring: Daniel Brockelbank (“The Hours” and “Shakespeare in Love”)

Shank (U.K. / Drama, Romance) — Hiding his sexuality from fellow gang members, Cal has nothing in his life except sex, drugs and random acts of violence. But the bad boy’s secret desires are uncovered when he rescues a kind-eyed French exchange student from one of the clan’s sadistic hate crimes. Though the two boys fall passionately in love, Cal’s crew is bent on revenge for his betrayal and the young lovers are placed in unspeakable danger.

Also, as part of the newly acquired collection are Everett Lewis’ 2005 feature “FAQS” about three queer characters finding ways to free themselves from the homophobic bonds of an oppressive society; and the festival favorite “Luster” (2002).

“We are excited to team up with writer-director Christian Martin and Everett Lewis to bring these wonderful titles out to international buyers and festivals supporting LGBT content, ” said Erika Kao-Haley, Managing Partner of MultiVisionnaire whom negotiated the deal.

For screening request or  release availability in your territory, please contact FringeFeatures.

Pirate Brothers & Heathens And Thieves Win Big At Festival!

May 14, 2012 – Los Angeles, Calif. — MultiVisionnaire Pictures, a Los Angeles-based international distributor is proud to announce their films, recent awards at WorldFest–Houston International Film Festival. Screened for their U.S.  festival premier at WorldFest-Houston, International judges honored “Pirate Brothers” with the prestigious Platinum Remi Award while “Heathens And Thieves” grabbed two awards including Special Jury Remi Award: Feature Film & Video Production, and for Best Actress: Gwendoline Yeo.

Pirate Brothers (Indonesia/Action)An action packed film from Indonesia, tells the story of brotherhood and vengeance. Orphan brothers separated as children, than reunited by fate to save a loved one, fight to stop an international criminal syndicate of pirate operatives.

After receiving the award, Asun Mawardi, Director of Pirate Brothers said “I am so ecstatic that Pirate Brothers is being embraced by an audience outside of Indonesia”. The film is shot in English and Indonesian, stars Robin Shou (“Mortal Combat” and “Death Race”) and Imd Verdy Bhawanta (Award-winning Capoeira martial artist).

Heathens And Thieves (USA/Action Western) A traditional western tale of two outlaws  greed for gold, and their desperate attempt to put a conspiracy into motion to steal the “Chinaman’s Gold” — before other desperado’s close in.

Heathens And Thieves is a fresh story about the disillusionment during the gold rush and westerners’ fear for Chinese migration “states Megan Peterson, Co-Director. The film stars Don Swayze (younger brother of the late Patrick Swayze), Gwendoline Yeo, (“Desperate Housewives“), and Andrew Simpson.

Both films will have market screenings at this year’s Cannes Marche du film. Heathens And Thieves will be screening May 17th at 12:00 p.m. in Palais E. Pirate Brothers screening on May 19th at 1:30 p.m. in Gray #4. For sales and more information please visit

2012 Monster Collection!

Sexy vampires, bloody zombies, and eerie supernatural forces dominate the screen in these occult fantasy films. MultiVisionnaire is pleased to handle Left Film’s Monster Collection for international sales. It will surely satisfy worldwide distributors craving thrills and chills in their releases.

The Monster Collection includes 11 titles such as COLIN, UMBRAGE: THE FIRST VAMPIRE, STAG NIGHT OF THE DEAD, DEVIL’S CROSSING: THE ZOMBIE WESTERN and THE INSIDE. Our personal favorite (and Martin Scorsese’s!), COLIN, depicts a twenty-something Brit bitten by a zombie. He dies and returns with a vengeance, traveling through the suburban zombie apocalypse. UMBRAGE portrays Doug Bradley (Hellraiser) as a terrifying cowboy Vampire. STAG NIGHT is a raunchy zom com with six stags, one stripper, and a million zombies. DEVIL’S CROSSING is a post apocalyptic zombie western with a soul-collecting, devil-serving protagonist. In the mood for supernatural horror? Watch THE INSIDE to see five young partying couples get trapped inside a haunted, abandoned warehouse.

Be sure to check out these sexy, gory showdowns in the Monster Collection at upcoming film markets!

For more information and sales, contact:

Argentinean Superhero ZENITRAM in Brussels International Fantasy Film Festival

The first ever Argentinean superhero movie will make its international festival premier in the 2012 Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival! ZENITRAM has been nominated for the 7th Orbit Prize. The Midnight X-treme screening for ZENITRAM will take place on Friday, April 13th at Tour & Taxis (Avenue du Port 86 1000 Bruxelles) Mag. 2. Participating in one of the most prestigious genre film festivals in Europe, ZENITRAM is sure to wow audiences. Congratulations to director Luis Barone for creating this incredible fantasy flick!

ZENITRAM is a sci-fi satire that takes place in the year 2025, when water is entirely monopolized by corporations. One poor worker is given superhero powers to fly and create water. He becomes known as Zenitram and is hailed by citizens of the nation. However, in order to rescue the world, Zenitram must first conquer his own inner demons. Big bad multinationals, suffocating bureaucracies, human weakness and vanity are universal, but this film offers hope for salvation.

For more information visit: