MultiVisionnaire Pictures is coming to 2016 American Film Market (AFM) with a diverse and exciting world premiere lineup. Most of the brand new titles will be available worldwide in 4K Ultra HD format. Here’s a peek at some of the brand new titles at AFM:


“BLOOD, SAND AND GOLD”, from Swimming With Sharks’ producer, Stephen Israel, written directed by Gaelan Connell (“BandSlam”, “Level Up”). It is an action-packed feature shot in six countries across four continents, an international treasure hunt along the same ancient routes Sir Francis Drake took in the 16th century.


keyart_sheborg_327“SHEBORG”, from director/writer Daniel Armstrong (“Murderdrome”), will be a new cult classic for the Millennials. Three punk rock anarchists on a puppy rescue mission encounter a half-alien half-machine creature, SheBorg, that turns humans into her evil robot lackeys. The group decide that no alien will push our planet around and must defeat SheBorg to save the world.

keyart_ripperlake_333RIPPER LAKE, takes a classic horror genre and adds more fun and more twists, which called “Absolute perfect blend of humor, horror, and sex appeal.” It follows a group of college students who venture to a cabin in the woods for the spring break, unaware of the dark history of the area. And it becomes a spring break that no one gets to leave…alive. Watch if you dare…


In addition to the adrenaline-fueled genre films, MultiVisionnaire Pictures’ AFM lineup also include the light family entertainment about sisterhood, friendship and teamwork — great universal theme excellent for television and VOD outlets worldwide.


keyart_crowningjules_330CROWNING JULES“, starring Kevin Farley (The Waterboy, Joe Dirt), Kristy Swanson (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), and co-starring real-life twin sisters Jacqueline & Elizabeth Labadie. A darling comedy about the 17-year-old twin sisters, Madison and Jules, who look identical but never see eye-to-eye on anything. Jules desperately wants to leave the small town behind to go to her Harvard University admission interview. She is forced to hitch a ride with her twin sister and nemesis Madison, who is headed to a beauty pageant. Their road trip takes an unexpected turn when the sisters unwittingly come into possession of a stolen jewel and are pursued by dangerous thieves.


keyart_mybestfriend_304“MY BEST FRIEND”, starring Catherine Bach (Daisy Duke from The Dukes of Hazzard), and Patrick Muldoon (Starship Troopers), is about a twelve-year-old girl Kristen (feature debut of talented young actress Alexis Rosinsky), who has to move from the city to the country. With the help of her new BFF — a talking horse named Stanford, she’s adjust to a new life on the ranch, new friends in the middle school, and a totally different style of fashion.


keyart_wildbunchonice_323“WILD BUNCH ON ICE” is story about making a sports legend in, about a group of rag-tag kids set out on a journey to form a hockey team. To become a team, they must first learn to work together, and to trust in each other’s abilities to win — together they are persevering on thin ice against all odds.


During the American Film Market (AFM), MultiVsionnaire Pictures will be located in the Loews Hotel, Suite 603 (6th Floor) from November 2nd – 9th. The sales team will be meeting with  distributors from around the world to discuss the outstanding lineup and 100 plus quality independent films it represents. See you in Santa Monica!


Clocks Are Ticking and the Clown is Laughing; Filmart 2016 World premiere of ‘Clown of the Damned (Badoet)’

MultiVisionnaire Pictures, Los Angeles based International Sales Agent is handling international sales rights for the Indonesian dark fantasy film “CLOWN OF THE DAMNED (BADOET)” (86 min / 2015). Screening Tuesday, March 15th at 2:15pm at Hong Kong Filmart, Hong Kong.


Creepy Clown

“IT” meets “FINAL DESTINATION”. Producer Daniel Topan teamed up with Director Awi Suryadi to create an epic horror film for Clown phobia (Coulrophobia) and thrill seekers alike. The film opened in over 60 screens in Indonesia and now available for world buyers.

The story is about a child who discovers an old music box that unleashes the evil soul of a vengeful clown. Back from the dead, the clown lures children with his tricks and funny balloons to danger and death. When terror from the mysterious clown starts to mount, the child’s older brother and his friends are forced to conduct an investigation, and soon find themselves running from an evil force so menacing, it will not hesitate to take lives to get what it wants — immortality.


Come see the Horror unleashed at the World Premiere and Market Screening of

                                                                        “CLOWN OF THE DAMNED (BADOET)”

                                                                           Tuesday, March 15th @ 14:15 pm

                                                                       UA Cine Times House 1

                                                                             (Level 13, Times Square, Causeway bay)


Buyers interested in learning about the availability of “CLOWN OF THE DAMNED (BADOET)”.
Please visit MultiVisionnaire at Filmart

Stand: 1E-F35

HK Mobile: +852 9263 1957


MultiVisionnaire Pictures is bringing a firestorm of films to EFM 2016

European Film Market

MultiVisionnaire Pictures is bringing a firestorm of films to the 2016 European Film market in Berlin Germany — the first major international film market of the year. MultiVisionnaire’s hot titles surely will surpass your expectations and become the audience favorites.

Book of Fire

“BOOK OF FIRE,” a 4K UHD erotic dark fantasy from (U.S.A./2015/88 min.), starring Nicole Sienna (Stripped), Shane Brolly (Underworld), Catherine Bach (Dukes of Hazzard), Jason Mewes (Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back), Chasty Ballasteros, and Carmen Electra (Scary Movie, Bay Watch). It will keep you on the edge of your seat.

A Girl and the Inheritance

A sweet uplifting female-lead comedy “A GIRL AND THE INHERITANCE” (U.S.A./2016/90 min.), another 4K UHD world premiere feature, starring Veronica Wylie, Bradley Snedeker, and Casper Van Dien. What is an innocent girl to do when she inherits a small fortune and her long-lost brother shows up with alternative motives.


Adding to to MultiVisionnaire’s solid 2016 EFM world premieres is the Sci-fi crime thriller ELEMENT” ELEMENT(U.S.A./2016/85 min) starring Michael Ironside (Starship Troopers, Top Gun), Steven Michael Quezada (Breaking Bad), Paul Stuart (Super Girl), and Mollie Milligan (I Spit On Your Grave). A man dives into the hypnotic trace world in order to solve his wife’s murder, but begins to uncover dark secrets about his own life.


International buyers and distributors are invited to visit MultiVisionnaire’s market stand at MGB #113 for more information about these films and others in the market premiere lineup.


Multivisionnaire comes to Cannes with a Bang!

MultiVisionnaire Pictures is going to the 2015 Cannes Marché du Film with its biggest lineup as yet — 7 world premieres, 13 market premieres and two presale titles to be unveiled at the largest film market in the world. The brand new slate of high-concept films is assembled with current market demand in mind. World premiere titles represent the popular genres: Sci-Fi driven “HELIX” from Canada; action thriller in the vein of Sin City “FURY: THE TALES OF RONAN PIERCE” from Australia; disaster thriller “INFECTED”; horror comedy “THE KILLGE” anthologize anything that could and should have happened in indie horror films; Dove Foundation-approved inspirational family drama “HERO” and “COME WHAT MAY”; and rock drama “PLEASED TO MEET ME” starring legendary “X” front man Joe Doe, Academy Award nominated musician Aimee Mann, and Emmy Award winners Loudon Wainwright and Joe Henry.

MultiVisionnaire will also screen “DECADENCIA” from Mexico. A high quality Spanish-language erotic arthouse drama to follow up the success of Fifty Shades of Grey. North America, Latin America, Germany, Australia, Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan territories were presold. Market Screening: May 17 (Sunday) at 16:00, Palais C

From May 13 to 20, 2015, MultiVisionnaire will be meeting with key international distributors during the market at RIVIERA, Stand D2.

Multivisionnaire Finds Weng Weng

Market Premiere at EFM 2015

Fresh from it’s European premier at the International Film Festival Rotterdam 2015.

“THE SEARCH FOR WENG WENG” (Documentary / 93min / 2014) first market appearance at EFM 2015. Directed by Andrew Leavold, it’s an astonishing documentary about the unbelievable true story of a real-life dwarf Filipino superstar. Weng Weng, standing only 2 foot 9 inches tall and accomplished martial artist, became a celebrity in the 80’s starring in over 10 films including the James Bond-style spoof, For Your Height Only and The Impossible Kid. In all his films, he was an unlikely hero where he destroyed evil by kicking people in the knees, firing his gun with remarkable accuracy, and always saving the girl. This extraordinary miniature superhero performed all his own stunts, and has been described as a “Superly image superspy, Karate expert, and ladies’ man.”

After stumbling upon Weng Weng’s first feature film, filmmaker Andrew Leavold found a fascination and obsession with the miniature actor. He set out in search of answers about the forgotten celebrity. What he found was the unworthy ending to this Filipino superstar, and the unfortunate back story that lead to his death.

Buyers interested in learning about availability of “THE SEARCH FOR WENG WENG” should contact Managing Partner, Sean Haley at the EFM, Martin-Gropius-Bau (MGB), Stand #115.

Decandencia Stimulates Berlin with a Market Premiere Screening at EFM 2015

“DECADENCIA” – screening at EFM during the film market for buyers and festival programmers.

Screening: Friday, February 6th at 14:20pm (2:20pm) at the Parliament.

“DECADENCIA” (Erotic / Drama / 91min / 2015) will be screened as a completed film. Intensely sensual yet tastefully brilliant in its cinematic style, “DECADENCIA” has been compared to Stanley Kubricks “EYES WIDE SHUT” and Sam Taylor’s “FIFTY SHADES OF GREY” premiering at EFM. This stimulating film, features Anabel Bolio (Nataly Umanã), an innocent young woman who falls victim to a rich and handsome entrepreneur, Oskar Pratz (Alejandro Estrada) who’s sexual games and self-destructive nature sends them downward into a dangerous act that leads to tragedy.

Buyers interested in learning about availability of “DECADENCIA” should contact Managing Partner, Sean Haley at the EFM, Martin-Gropius-Bau (MGB), Stand #115.

Getting Geared Up For Cannes!

Getting geared up for Cannes, MultiVisionnaire is attending with an exciting new lineup of world premieres.

Youth comedy “DEATH TO PROM, the prom committee president is determined to destroy prom, but with an evolving love triangle between him, his BFF and a handsome soccer player, this high fashion high school drama has enough glamour and attitude for “Project Runway” and enough heart to make Molly Ringwald bite her lip with anticipation.

“FINDING LOVE IN ALASKA”, starring Antoinette Kalaj (Riddick, Don Jon), Jonathan Bennet (Mean Girls, Van Wilder), Mischa Barton (The OC, The Sixth Sense) and Billy Zane, is a love story of a man who meets the love of his life while he escapes his life to the magnificent Alaska.

“DECADENCIA (Decadence) — an erotic arthouse perfect for world cinema arthouse buyers. A rare Latin cinema gem from the next-gen Mexican director Joaquin Rodriguez, it is comparable to Stanley Kubrick’s “Eyes Wide Shut” and the upcomming “Fifty Shades of Grey.” Currently in post production with theatrical release in 2015.

Additionally, MultiVisionnaire has two debut features in post production available for territories –Sci-Fi Action “RZ-9” and creature feature “FRESHWATER” will also have their first-look footage at Cannes.

MultiVisionnaire will be located in Riviera D2 at Cannes/ Marche du Film from May 14 to May 21. If interested to coordinating meetings, please email


Heading to Berlin for the 8th year, MultiVisionnaire is excited to kick off 2014 with the international debuts of The Fortune Theory and Battle B-Boy.

Battle B-Boy (USA / Dance/Action / 2014) – a high-energy Hip-Hop dance movie directed by Frank Lin. Mike and his friends, a group of B-Boys, struggle to make a name for themselves. When Mike’s father can’t afford to pay for surgery, Mike and his crew get involved in the underground world of “Da-Fi” — Dance Fight. They head to secret locations to breakdance against other B-Boys and B-Girls for money and reputation. Learning to come together as a true team will be the crew’s toughest challenge.

The Fortune Theory (USA / Coming-of-Age Drama /  2014) – the directorial debut of Italian filmmaker Aldo Filiberto. Morris is the spoiled son of a millionaire. He spends his nights partying and his days appeasing his powerful father by interviewing for jobs he will never accept. At one interview, Morris’s ego takes a blow when he is told he does not have enough humanity for the position. To prove himself, he begs for a trial at the fortune cookie writer job. At his first real job, Morris finds he’s enjoying work and friends for the first time in his life. When he finds out his own father bought out the factory to shut it down, Morris will finally have to learn how to accept himself and those around him in order to defy his father and discover what life is really about.

International buyers and distributors are invited to visit MultiVisionnaire’s market stand MGB #115 for more information about Battle B-Boy, The Fortune Theory, and other films in the market premiere lineup.


South Africas Asi-B Films is proud to announce an international distribution deal with Multivisionnaire Media, an international distributor based in Los Angeles, USA, for a new HD reality series called Cake Dreams. This show follows the life of a French expat living in South Africa, who left engineering to become a baker. With his engineering skills, he manages to turn each cake he makes into a masterpiece. Set against the backdrop of a dramatic family life, which has its constant ups and downs, and a goal of feeding every child in South Africa, Paul the engineer-turned-baker is determined to turn each challenging situation into a dream.

With 13 episodes making up the first season, we will see as Paul the step-father tries to keep his family together whilst also launching a new bakery and trying to keep up with his community service as well. This series will take us around urban South Africa showing us a side of the country few have seen.

With drama, humor, tension and joy,Cake Dreams’ is more than just a baking show; it is a true example that man cannot live on bread alone.

The Blue Apple Tree Won FIPRESCI International Film Critic Award

We have received a great news that deserved to be shared with the world. Olegario Barrera’s “THE BLUE APPLE TREE (El Manzano Azul)” just won the prestigous FIPRESCI International Film Critic Award at Schlingel International FilmFestival for Children and Young Audience, for its storytelling of humanitarian message.

This family film takes us on an adventure into the countryside of the dazzling Venezuelan Andes with eleven-year-old Diego. Spending his summer with a grandfather he barely knows, in a secluded village that’s low on technology but high on kid bullies, Diego expects a summer of misery and boredom. However, when he discovers a mysterious blue apple tree and meets a young girl that he takes a strong interest in, Diego finds himself in a series of misadventures that teach him more and more about the importance of family, love, and friendship. Diego learns to live life differently and has an amazing experience that will stay with him for the rest of his life.

According to the international jury, the film not only provide a key role of education about human rights, human relationship to the nature and social responsibility, but most valuable is that it creates a story form that little children can understand these key messages.

The film is a true gem for buyers looking for quality drama or family feature.