Brazilian Blitz! Cannes Market Screening of Two New Brazilian Film

MultiVisionnaire Pictures is proud to present two new exciting world premiere screenings at the 2022 Cannes’s Marche du Film. From an action packed heist to a magical journey in a whimsical world, these Brazilian hits are sure to blow you away!


MultiVisionnaire’s 2022 Cannes Premieres:

keyart_saopauloheist_407Sao Paulo Heist – Screening: Saturday, May 21 at 11:30am, Palais F.

In this action packed crime thriller SÃO PAULO HEIST Rubens, a powerful gangster, decides to take his last big blow with the help of his adopted daughter Leônia. But not everything goes as planned during the robbery of a bank’s private coffers on Avenida Paulista, in the heart of São Paulo. Rubens and Leônia will only find their true destinations, by spawning the stolen objects in Paraguay, where both characters enter into crisis with their own existential values. Based on a true event.




Tarsilinha – Screening: Wednesday, May 18 at 4:00pm (16:00hr), Palais D

Tarsilinha is an 8-year-old girl who sets off on a fantastical journey to save her mother’s memory. The only way to restore her mother’s memory is to find her stolen keepsakes and special objects she kept in her memory box. These objects were taken by a mischievous caterpillar from a whimsical world full of the most magical creatures. As Tarsilinha makes her way through this strange world, she’ll not only overcome her fears and face enemies, but make friends that will help her get back home safely with her mother’s memories intact.


MultiVisionnaire Pictures will be attending the market May 17th to 25th, located in Riviera F6, with a catalog of over 100 HD & 4K feature films. To coordinate meetings, please visit

MultiVisionnaire Set to Unveil Three Thrilling New Features At AFM 2019

From November 6th to the 12th, MultiVisionnaire Pictures will be exhibiting at the 2019 American Film Market (AFM) in Santa Monica, California. Located on the 5th floor in Arcadia Ball Room #22, MultiVisionnaire Pictures will be meeting with buyers and distributors from around the globe to discuss and present the high-quality films that make up the 2019 lineup. World premiere titles, such as , Dave Fairman’s “DEBT”, an action feature about redemption and escaping one’s past; Jay Craven’s “Humanware”, a riveting Sci-Fi feature about genetic engineered human that raises moral questions about science and what it means to be human; and Damien Giglietta’s film from Australia, “TKG: The Kids of Grove”, a survivor action thriller that force the viewers to take a look at the price of gentrification and those left behind, make MultiVisionnaire Pictures the premier destination for any interested buyer at this year’s American Film Market.

Here is a little preview of the three world premieres from MultiVisionnaire at AFM 2019:


DEBT: Working as a “debt collector” for a ruthless crime syndicate while wearing the façade of a normal life, Gina could have passed as the girl-next-door type. She thought her past could no longer haunt her – until she got her new assignment. Her perfect world is put in jeopardy when she has to make a choice between a friend’s life and her job. Whatever her choice is, the ramifications will be severe and Gina learns that even she must pay her debts. Starring Ashley Killips, AJ Orille and Phil Rumley.



Humanware: A genetic engineer was supposed to create the perfect, genetically-enhanced soldiers, human tools incapable of emotions. However, he made them too human, and their desire for freedom compelled them to escape. Now, they are out, and a secret unmasked will change everything. Starring Jerry O’Connell (Stand By Me, Jerry McGuire), Morgan Wolk (The Affair, Miles Ahead), Cameron Scoggins (The Deuce, Nashville).


TKG: The Kids of Grove (4K UHD): Following her boss’s orders, Marissa, a low-level employee at Wright Property Firm, reluctantly evicts the poor residence of a run-down housing complex to make room for a luxurious condo. However, the residents won’t simply go down without a fight. Instead, they form a vicious gang called “TKG” and head to the property firm for vengeance. Staff of Wright Property can only hope to survive the onslaught. Starring Maria Velletri, Mark Casamento (The Pacific), Mick Preston (Preacher), Henry Torres (Neighbours).



MultiVisionnaire Is Proud To Bring Three Action-Packed World Premieres To Cannes Marche Du Film 2018

MultiVisionnaire Pictures arrives in Cannes with mutant creatures, deadly cyclones, and extreme martial arts fighters ready to impress global buyers.

MultiVisionnaire’s 2018 Cannes Premieres:

TRIGONAL: FIGHT FOR JUSTICE is “Philippines’ answer
to Thailand’s Ong Bak and Indonesia’s Raid: Redemption” as raved by
This high octane action/martial arts film by action director and 8-times World Muay Thai champion Vincent Soberano (“Blood Hunters”) will get audiences on their feet rooting for the underdog. The film revolves around a vicious underground fighting circuit, The Trigonal, ran by a powerful international crime syndicate. They are looking for the strongest and the best fighters for a high-end, groundbreaking experimental competition worth millions of dollars. To force the MMA champion, Jacob Casa, to come to the circuit, they brutally assaulted his wife and murdered his best friend. Leaving him with no other choice but to fight for justice. The action-packed film features Ian Ignacio, an actor trained in Taekwondo, Filipino Martial Arts and MMA, the upcoming Chinese female action star and Wushu champion Sarah Chang (“Wolf Warrior 2”) with an ensemble of who’s who in Asia MMA and martial arts world. We ain’t playing around…THIS IS THE REAL DEAL for international audience looking for the next satisfying martial arts film.  MARKET SCREENING is on Saturday, May 12 at 13:30 at Palais H.


keyart_shangrila_354SHANGRI-LA: NEAR EXTINCTION From the creator of NBC’s hit sci-fi series “THE EVENT,” Nick Wauters, brings this amazing post-apocalyptic creature action thriller to international buyers hungry for C.A.D. (creature action disaster) elements. Mankind has nearly gone extinct after the spread of the plague and the rise of a new, human-made ice age designed to eradicate the plague. A rag-tag group of survivors led by Vargas (starring Eric Szmanda from CSI) are on a quest for the safe haven known as “Shangri-La,” where their species has supposedly started rebooting civilization. But many dangers stand in their way, including the members of a fanatic mutant sect and a pack of mysterious creatures called “Green Eyes.” Shangri-La provides an epic journey where surprise twists will make you question our humanity while getting your sensical entertainment.





keyart_landfall_353LANDFALL  is a new type of disaster film hitting the ground at Cannes — as a young couple tries to escape the approaching deadly storm when they are held hostage by three men in medic uniform with a mysterious icebox. The men have apparently just fled a heist at a hospital and are looking for a local thieves-pawn to trade off their stolen merchandise. Facing the extreme storm outside and an injured man, the fugitives have no choice but to hold the couple hostage while hiding out from the police and the cyclone to blow over. But their plans go awry when Detective-Sergeant Wexler (Vernon Wells of Commando & Mad Max 2) and his assistant visit the house looking for the fugitives and so begins a long night of violence, betrayals, revelations and cat-and-mouse games between the cops, the criminals, and the young couple whose lives have suddenly been plunged into chaos. The couple must rely on their wits and cunning to survive and escape the house as the severe storm looms outside.

Distributors and buyers should stop to visit MultiVisionnaire Picture during Cannes Film Festival inside Palais at Rivera F2 from May 8 – May 15, 2018 for an exciting new lineup and some good caffeine.






Heading to Berlin for the 8th year, MultiVisionnaire is excited to kick off 2014 with the international debuts of The Fortune Theory and Battle B-Boy.

Battle B-Boy (USA / Dance/Action / 2014) – a high-energy Hip-Hop dance movie directed by Frank Lin. Mike and his friends, a group of B-Boys, struggle to make a name for themselves. When Mike’s father can’t afford to pay for surgery, Mike and his crew get involved in the underground world of “Da-Fi” — Dance Fight. They head to secret locations to breakdance against other B-Boys and B-Girls for money and reputation. Learning to come together as a true team will be the crew’s toughest challenge.

The Fortune Theory (USA / Coming-of-Age Drama /  2014) – the directorial debut of Italian filmmaker Aldo Filiberto. Morris is the spoiled son of a millionaire. He spends his nights partying and his days appeasing his powerful father by interviewing for jobs he will never accept. At one interview, Morris’s ego takes a blow when he is told he does not have enough humanity for the position. To prove himself, he begs for a trial at the fortune cookie writer job. At his first real job, Morris finds he’s enjoying work and friends for the first time in his life. When he finds out his own father bought out the factory to shut it down, Morris will finally have to learn how to accept himself and those around him in order to defy his father and discover what life is really about.

International buyers and distributors are invited to visit MultiVisionnaire’s market stand MGB #115 for more information about Battle B-Boy, The Fortune Theory, and other films in the market premiere lineup.

Filipino Zombies Invade Cannes with the market premiere of Zombie Island

May 15, 2013 – Cannes, France – Multivisionnaire, Los Angeles-based international sales company, has acquired the international rights to Filipino horror-film “Zombie Island“. The film will premiere here at Cannes – Marche Du Film.

Romy and Pewee are two orphan street kids who make their living robbing graves, until they’re driven out of town by an angry mob. With a price on their heads, they steal a boat and flee to a deserted island, only to find themselves under siege and fighting for survival against a horde of zombie pirates.

Zombie Island tackles a subconscious human trait that we’re not immune to. GREED.” said producer Vanessa Ulgado.

Interested buyers and festival programmers are invited to come to Riviera D2 during the market from May 15 through May 22.

Pirate Brothers & Heathens And Thieves Win Big At Festival!

May 14, 2012 – Los Angeles, Calif. — MultiVisionnaire Pictures, a Los Angeles-based international distributor is proud to announce their films, recent awards at WorldFest–Houston International Film Festival. Screened for their U.S.  festival premier at WorldFest-Houston, International judges honored “Pirate Brothers” with the prestigious Platinum Remi Award while “Heathens And Thieves” grabbed two awards including Special Jury Remi Award: Feature Film & Video Production, and for Best Actress: Gwendoline Yeo.

Pirate Brothers (Indonesia/Action)An action packed film from Indonesia, tells the story of brotherhood and vengeance. Orphan brothers separated as children, than reunited by fate to save a loved one, fight to stop an international criminal syndicate of pirate operatives.

After receiving the award, Asun Mawardi, Director of Pirate Brothers said “I am so ecstatic that Pirate Brothers is being embraced by an audience outside of Indonesia”. The film is shot in English and Indonesian, stars Robin Shou (“Mortal Combat” and “Death Race”) and Imd Verdy Bhawanta (Award-winning Capoeira martial artist).

Heathens And Thieves (USA/Action Western) A traditional western tale of two outlaws  greed for gold, and their desperate attempt to put a conspiracy into motion to steal the “Chinaman’s Gold” — before other desperado’s close in.

Heathens And Thieves is a fresh story about the disillusionment during the gold rush and westerners’ fear for Chinese migration “states Megan Peterson, Co-Director. The film stars Don Swayze (younger brother of the late Patrick Swayze), Gwendoline Yeo, (“Desperate Housewives“), and Andrew Simpson.

Both films will have market screenings at this year’s Cannes Marche du film. Heathens And Thieves will be screening May 17th at 12:00 p.m. in Palais E. Pirate Brothers screening on May 19th at 1:30 p.m. in Gray #4. For sales and more information please visit

Argentinean Superhero ZENITRAM in Brussels International Fantasy Film Festival

The first ever Argentinean superhero movie will make its international festival premier in the 2012 Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival! ZENITRAM has been nominated for the 7th Orbit Prize. The Midnight X-treme screening for ZENITRAM will take place on Friday, April 13th at Tour & Taxis (Avenue du Port 86 1000 Bruxelles) Mag. 2. Participating in one of the most prestigious genre film festivals in Europe, ZENITRAM is sure to wow audiences. Congratulations to director Luis Barone for creating this incredible fantasy flick!

ZENITRAM is a sci-fi satire that takes place in the year 2025, when water is entirely monopolized by corporations. One poor worker is given superhero powers to fly and create water. He becomes known as Zenitram and is hailed by citizens of the nation. However, in order to rescue the world, Zenitram must first conquer his own inner demons. Big bad multinationals, suffocating bureaucracies, human weakness and vanity are universal, but this film offers hope for salvation.

For more information visit:

PIRATE BROTHERS in 45th WorldFest

We are pleased to announce that PIRATE BROTHERS, an Indonesian martial art action film in English and Indonesian, will have its US festival premiere at the 45th Annual WorldFest-Houston International Film and Video Festival from April 13-22. PIRATE BROTHERS has been nominated to receive the prestigious REMI awards in one of its feature film categories at this year’s WorldFest. Congratulations to director Asun Mawardi for this excellent cinematic work!

The fierce and acrobatic protagonists, Sunny and Verdy, are orphan brothers adopted into two very different worlds. While Verdy inherits a powerful enterprise, Sunny enters the pirate underworld. Reunited at last, the powerhouse duo fights to save Verdy’s fiancée and stop the criminal pirate operation.

For more information visit:

MultiVisionnaire attends Berlinale/European Film Market

Multivisionnaire Pictures will be exhibiting at the first international film sales market of the year – Berlinale/EFM for the 6th year in a row. Centrally located at the Martin-Gropius-Bau (MGB), stand #109  from February 9th to the 16th, the team will be meeting with key international theatrical – television – and DVD buyers and distributors worldwide.

Additional, three world premiere market screenings will be held:

PIRATE BROTHERS: 2/12 (Sun), 16:00 at Cinemaxx 12

POWDER: 2/11 (Sat), 16:15 at Marriott 2

I AM BAD: 2/12 (Sun), 10:50 at CinemaxX 12

Juan Minujín featured in 2011 Toronto International Film Festival

Juan Minujín, star of Zenitram, will be making his directorial debut with his dark comedy, Vaquero, at the 2011 Toronto International Film Festival. With Minujín as the director, writer and lead actor, Vaquero will be featured along with several other films from Argentina in the TIFF official selection.

Zenitram, also starring Jordi Mollà and Steven Bauer, was Argentina’s first superhero film. Set in future Buenos Aires, where water is scarce and monopolized by corporations, a poor government worker Martinez (Juan Minujín) becomes our unlikely superhero.

Check out Zenitram at: