Multivisionnaire Premieres 5 New Films at Cannes 2011

Multivisionnaire Pictures will be exhibiting at the biggest international sales market of the year  – Cannes Marché du Film. For the 6th year in a row, Multivisionnaire will be in Cannes to present new and exciting titles for International buyers in the Riveria at Stand D2 during the full term of the market.

Five new titles include:

Far Away Eyes (Hong Kong-USA /Action/Thriller / 2011) – Starring:  Will Yun Lee & Miguel Ferrer
Four hitmen meet in Hong Kong to resolve some unfinished business. Over an elaborate meal, each of highly skilled assassins brags and reminisces about their best hit in actual detail. As the mood intensifies, lines are drawn and secrets are revealed.  Market Screeing: May 13 at 13:30, Palais B


No Saints For Sinners (USA / Action / 2011) – Starring: Keith DavidJames Cosmo, Rick Crawford
 Mickey O’Hara, an IRA operative becomes disenchanted with “the cause.” The IRA used to be an army of freedom fighters, but they’ve degenerated into an international criminal organization that makes money selling drugs and training terrorists around the globe. Things come to a head for Mickey when a drug shakedown goes bad and he is forced to kill his partner to prevent a senseless murder. Marked for death, Mickey flees to Los Angeles, determined to make a fresh start and leave his violent past behind. When a close friend runs afoul of some powerful drug dealers, Mickey temporarily resorts to his old ways to help him get out of trouble. However, instead of making things better, Mickey unwittingly sets off a chain of events that reawakens the ghosts of his past and threatens to destroy everything he holds dear. Market Screeing: May 12 at 11:30, Palais B


Zenitram (Argentina / Sci-Fi/Adventure / 2010) – Starring:  Jordi Molla, Juan Minujín, Steven Bauer
Argentina’s first Superhero film. It’s 2025 and water is scarce and monopolized around the world by corporations. One day, a poor government worker named Martinez meets a mysterious stranger, and in an instant the stranger gives him superhero powers — powers to fly, and create water for the masses. Martinez become the super hero Zenitram and is hailed by the citizens of the nation. But his newfound power comes with troubles and powerful people that want to get rid of him. The pressure of becoming a superhero overnight could get to anyone. Zenitram has to conquer his own demons and rescue the world!

Little Blue Pill (USA / Comedy / 2010) – Starring: Man’s favorite pill
Steven is about to have the hardest day of his life. After one too many Keg stands, Steven’s hangover won’t go away. His beautiful girlfriend tries to help, but things get worse when he accidentally takes two Little Blue Pills instead of painkillers. At the most important job interview of his life, he can’t shake his hard-on for the boss’s daughter. His doctor’s visit doesn’t help him go limp either. Meanwhile, the evil scientists at Phalitech, the sinister pharmaceutical giant, realize their creation the Erecta 2.0 formula comes with disastrous side effects. Stopping at nothing to cover up their heinous mistake, they must locate Steven and neutralize the problem before he can discredit their company. But that also means Steven could lose his Manhood!

Bold Native (USA / Drama / 2010) – Starring: Randy Mantooth, Joaquin Pastor
Charlie Cranehill, an animal liberator wanted by the United States government for domestic terrorism, emerges from the underground to coordinate a nationwide action as his estranged CEO father tries to find him before the FBI does. The film simultaneously follows a young woman who works for an animal welfare organization fighting within the system to establish more humane treatment of farmed animals. From abolitionists to welfarists, Bold Native takes on the issue of modern animal use and exploitation from several angles within the context of an adventure story.

During the market, Multivisionnaire Picture will be meeting with key international theatrical – telelvision – and DVD buyers and distributors.

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