2012 Monster Collection!

Sexy vampires, bloody zombies, and eerie supernatural forces dominate the screen in these occult fantasy films. MultiVisionnaire is pleased to handle Left Film’s Monster Collection for international sales. It will surely satisfy worldwide distributors craving thrills and chills in their releases.

The Monster Collection includes 11 titles such as COLIN, UMBRAGE: THE FIRST VAMPIRE, STAG NIGHT OF THE DEAD, DEVIL’S CROSSING: THE ZOMBIE WESTERN and THE INSIDE. Our personal favorite (and Martin Scorsese’s!), COLIN, depicts a twenty-something Brit bitten by a zombie. He dies and returns with a vengeance, traveling through the suburban zombie apocalypse. UMBRAGE portrays Doug Bradley (Hellraiser) as a terrifying cowboy Vampire. STAG NIGHT is a raunchy zom com with six stags, one stripper, and a million zombies. DEVIL’S CROSSING is a post apocalyptic zombie western with a soul-collecting, devil-serving protagonist. In the mood for supernatural horror? Watch THE INSIDE to see five young partying couples get trapped inside a haunted, abandoned warehouse.

Be sure to check out these sexy, gory showdowns in the Monster Collection at upcoming film markets!

For more information and sales, contact: distribution@multivisionnaire.com

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