The Dark Lurking – Premieres At Fangoria’s In Los Angeles, Ca

The long awaited North American Premiere of “The Dark Lurking” is this weekend at Fangoria’s Weekend Of Horror (at the Los Angeles Convention Center). Only one screening of ‘The Dark Lurking’ is scheduled for Saturday, April 18 at 4:15 pm in Room 501 A-C (West Hall Building; 2nd Floor). Stuart Wall, one of the film’s producer will be on-hand to introduce the film.
The Dark Lurking - Poster
The Dark Lurking‘ takes place 800 meters beneath the Earth’s surface, research station 320 has gone offline. Now hundreds of ravenous and constantly mutating creatures with a taste for human flesh have been let loose. 8 survivors must battle the deadly horde but one of their own is not who they seem. (Directed by: Greg Connors)

Watch the Trailer Here!

This is a high-volocity, shoot-em up action film directly from Australia. It’s a must see for any creature, horror, and action fan. Tickets to ‘Fangoria’s Weekend Of Horror‘ are available at the Conventions Box Office.


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